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The Book Shelf

I think the most vital part of my home is my books shelf.  Not only does each book or magazine hold its own stories but the collection of all of them together on a book shelf can tell a lot about the person who owns them.  I am an avid reader and cannot turn down many magazine subscriptions either!  So it is safe to say that I have an over-flowing book shelf with a wide variety of subjects.  I like to think this makes me a well-rounded individual, however it could also mean I have a short attention span and easily jump from one subject to another. Either way I feel that my stacks of books and magazines are probably some of my most valued possessions.

So what can you most commonly find on my book shelf?  Well, first I have a love of history and ghost stories(Troy Taylor), Horror (Stephen King), along with a few mysteries like Susan Wittig Albert’s China Bayles mysteries & James Patterson’s Womens Murder Club series.  The occasional love story (Nicholas Sparks & Nora Roberts). Then we have the new age (Eckhart Tolle) and self-help books (Jillian Michael’s) mixed in.  When I want to laugh I read the  Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and they really do make me laugh out loud!  I also have many books on natural health and healing, aromatherapy, yoga, ayurveda, herbs and massage.  I have a couple of books on candle and soap making & cooking that I need to stop looking at the pictures and actually try!  Finally, my shelf has a Bible and quite a few Joel Osteen & Joyce Myers books.  Okay, think you know me a little better yet??

Well, that covers the books on my shelf but we haven’t even touched on the vast array of magazines that have left the shelf and ended up on my bedside table or in the bathroom…(giggle)!  I have Women’s Health, Shape, Fitness, Yoga Journal, Country Living, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Living, Natural Health…just to name a few…(giggle again)!  However, I must make a side note about one of the most recent magazines added to my collection and probably one of my favorites!  573 magazine is this awesome collection of stories on all the areas covered in the 573 area code of Missouri.  I recently picked up this magazine and couldn’t put it down!  I read this magazine cover to cover and I was completely absorbed… the photography is amazing!

My love of reading goes along with my love of writing…I have kept a journal since I was 13 and I have all of those stored away in my grandma’s cedar chest.  When I read through my thoughts as a young girl I also find myself laughing out loud!  I was such dramatic teenager, but I guess we all are.  As my 11-year-old daughter starts her own book shelf I see her own personality and interests forming.  You can see her love of animals and geography along with books on the human body.  She has a collection of Scooby Doo comics & kids National Geographic that are stacked neatly next to her collection of ghost stories by Mary Downing Hahn…(I steal those and read them when she goes to her Dads).

As she starts her own journal this year I know that I have passed on a valuable tradition that will benefit her for a lifetime.  I can’t help but smile as I watch her book shelf grow along with her.

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