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Living with Intention

I love yoga and meditating! I meditate daily and attempt yoga weekly in order to keep myself balanced. At the end of each yoga class I create an intention and meditate on it. I love this part of meditation and it keeps my eye on the prize. When choosing an intention you must choose your words wisely. Keeping it realistic and believable for yourself is key but you must also be positive.

Intentions are kind of like goals but more like mantra’s. I have had a lot of fun creating suitable intentions for my life. I recommend everyone have three or four intentions they focus on weekly. For me, it helps me keep my priorities straight. “I am easily and gracefully experiencing financial prosperity.” That is an intention I stole from a friend and I use it often.  “I am easily and joyfully maintaining my ideal body weight”, is another intention that fits me.  “I am successful and enthusiastic in my career” and “I am happy in my harmonious relationship with my boyfriend”. I have been meditating on these four intentions on a regular basis and I have really noticed a difference.

Meditating on an intention is a lot like praying. After reading many books like: The Power of Now, A New Earth, The Power, The Secret and Unlimited: How to Build and Exceptional Life, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the power of positive thinking.  If you want it then you must imagine it, when you imagine it you must really see it and feel it, when you finally see it and feel it you must really believe it and when you truly believe it you start to live it and once your living it then you have accomplished your intention. Sounds easier said than done, trust me, but if you honestly give it a try it can be really fun.

I have created my intentions on “vision boards”, meditated on phrases like those above and I have even wrote out every detail of my idea of the perfect life for myself.  The clearer you are in your intentions for yourself the more likely they are to happen and the quicker the results. I have read over and over that if you want to live a certain life just start acting like you are already living that life.

For example, a bubbly, sexy supermodel type with glowing skin and shiny hair is going to eat healthy fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch and a light dinner of baked, skinless chicken with steamed veggies. She will drink lots of water,  get plenty of sleep and exercise daily.  She will carry herself in a confident way and be friendly and outgoing with tons of energy.  So if you want to be that girl then you must act like her.

You can’t skip breakfast, eat a bag of Doritos & a do-nut for lunch and then stay out until 2AM drinking with friends.  You will wake up a bitchy old hag with no time to fix your hair… so you throw it in a ponytail and go to the office drinking Red Bull and Cokes to stay awake.  You keep going on this schedule and you will end up with bad skin, dull hair, an extra 15 pounds on your ass and your attitude will be anything but bubbly!

Much of life boils down to common sense. Everyone knows if you want to be healthy and fit you have to eat right and exercise.  If you want to be financially secure you have to save money and invest wisely. Setting positive intentions and creating vision boards are simple tools to help you focus on the life you really want. Each day you wake-up with a fresh new start to be exactly who you want to be and if you keep it up eventually your will become that person. It will happen naturally and without effort if you just make the right choices, taking it one day at a time.

From the moment you choose to eat that banana for breakfast instead of skipping breakfast to the moment you choose to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes in the evening instead of watching TV; these are simple but life changing steps. It all adds up and it all makes us who we are at the end of the day. So have fun,  set your intentions and then live the life you want!


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