Living Simple

a happy & healthy way of life

Meet Stacy

I have a passion for books and writing. I am in the process of finishing my degree in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in journalism.  My dream is to be published in magazines like Womens Health or Natural Health. I am a big fan of ghost stories as well.  I am currently working on a book of short ghost stories.  I am inspired by one of my favorite children’s authors, Mary Downing Hahn and the great Stephen King.  Even though I love a good fictional ghost story I have to say stories based on historical events are my favorite, and Troy Taylor tops my list with his many books. 

Along with writing I also enjoy being in nature.  I love hiking on the many trails of Mark Twain National Forest or swimming in the crisp cold waters of Current River.  Family and friends are closest to my heart and my two dogs a close second.  I have worked as a chiropractic assistant for a total of 12 years.   I have a vast knowledge of holistic medicine and my close friends refer to me as a hippie due to my tree hugger mentality.  

Writing is my therapy.  I have kept a journal since I was 12-years-old and when something is on my mind the only way I can get peace is if I write it out.  Talking never really seems to ease my mind the way writing can.  Writing helps me organize my thoughts and come to a conclusion every time.  This blog is my way of sharing my simple world and making a connection through my words…I hope one of my blogs will connect with you.

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