Living Simple

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Every day we are all put in situations that require us to make a choice.  Some choices may be very simple and we may not even think before we respond.  However, how we react or respond to certain comments or situations on a daily basis can determine our character.  The moral or ethical quality of a person can be strengthened with each choice made.  It can be as simple as holding the door for someone or saying thank you.  Then there are harder situations where strong emotions can cause us to respond or react before thinking. 

Recently I feel I have been tested and I am not sure for what reason.  In the past week I have been confronted with people who have made ugly remarks and it has left me a little raw.  I chose not to respond emotionally by defending myself but instead swallow my pride and move on with my day.  Unfortunately this has not changed the fact that it upsets me and I feel confused why each of these people would choose to be hateful or complicated.  Each incident being completely separate from the other but all occurring in the same week makes me think of something I have read many times…  When you make steps to stay positive, beware because negativity will try its best to derail you.  However, if you keep your faith and rise above the negativity then good things will come.

I will keep reminding myself of these good things to come and do my best to let the negativity go.  I will go as far as trying to remain pleasant and forgive these people because maybe they were just having a bad day.  It is easier to forgive when I remember that we are all human and nobody is perfect.  With each situation that I find myself taking the higher road I know that I am building better moral character.  I have the wonderful support of family and friends who always listen when I have a bad day and that is enough for me to let it go. 

We should all be conscious of every moment and how we respond to the world around us.  What we put out into the world will come back to us.  My Mom has always been right when she said, treat others how you want to be treated.  I choose to remain positive and not give power to the negativity.

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