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My Body on Yoga

There is nothing like the feel of a good stretch!  I was doing yoga regularly at one point in my life and then I stopped.  Recently I found myself really missing it and with all the new aches and pains I have been having I can tell my body is missing it too!  I decided to start back with a once a week yoga class and after my first session I realized how out of shape I have become.  I find myself asking how is it possible to take so long to get your body in better shape but it can so quickly fall back out of shape??

About three years ago I was doing yoga 2 or 3 days a week and felt pretty good.  This one class made me sore in muscles I forgot I had!  Am I really getting that old and out of shape?  I must admit I am not a very flexible person.  I have struggled with very tight hamstrings my whole life and I realized any progress I had made 3 years ago was lost.  So here I am kind of starting all over again…

Yoga makes me feel longer, leaner and more at peace in my daily life.  I am not sure why I ever stopped the classes, but I think it had something to do with believing I am disciplined enough to keep it up on my own at home(obviously a mistake).  I am not an habitual person, I couldn’t even become a smoker when I thought it was cool!  So anyway, here I am sitting at my desk trying to sit up straight and thinking that my upper body hurts like hell AND… if she makes me do downward dog and plank 500 times again next week my arms may fall off!  Am I really paying for this punishment??

I am pretty motivated because if my body is sore then it must be doing some good. I need more muscle in my upper body considering I don’t have any.  When my 11-year-old jiggles my underarms and giggles I realize that something must be done!  I guess lifting the fork full of potato’s and the 12 ounce beer cans to my face isn’t enough of an upper body workout. I was thinking my motivational blog about starting a new habit every month has really been causing me a pain in the ass.  Today, however, I really do have a pain in my ass and I am actually grateful that I have a desk job since walking makes me look like I have a corn cob shoved up my arse!

I love the whole idea of yoga and medication…I mean meditation.  Obviously my arms are asking for some ibuprofen as I type this.  Yoga works the entire body and it can help relax or stimulate your body depending on what kind of class you take.  Yoga includes all ages and people from all over the world.  My yoga instructor is in her fifties and makes me feel old at 34!  My meditation skills are not the greatest.  Usually my mind is humming along with my list of things to do and if I happen to quiet my mind for a minute or two I end up falling asleep.

I stay motivated because I know Jennifer Aniston is big on yoga and if my body ends up looking like hers I will be so stoked!  So every time I walk with the corn cob jive or cry with pain as I brush my teeth I will remind myself that my Jennifer Aniston body is on its way!  When I sit patiently in silence meditating I set my intention to have a Jennifer Aniston body.  As I contort my body into unlawful positions following Jennifer’s yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber (Yogalosophy), I picture myself getting longer and leaner!

My body on yoga may start out feeling old and decrepit but I know in time I will be feeling great and looking long,  lean and sexy…look out Jennifer Aniston!   

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